The Difference of Vape

The Difference of Vape

Vape is a device that was constructed by the Chinese physician and inventor. It was intended to help in getting rid of tobacco dependence that the author of the idea laid in his invention. However, not everyone who decided to start vaping knows how will the electronic device help him or her. It is arranged so that a small quantity of special liquid is supplied to the spiral, which is heated by the electric current. This liquid, while evaporating, creates steam, which the vaper inhales.

The inhalation of steam can almost completely replace the smoking process in the morning or at work during the break. The only difference is that combustion processes do not occur inside the vape. Namely, combustion processes cause the main harm to the human body, because resins and the products of burning damage the lungs. The second component of dependence on smoking is nicotine.

This substance causes the production of a hormone of pleasure in the body, which is the reason for the addiction development. In the case of a vape, the transition from a conventional cigarette to nicotine in liquid is accomplished by reducing the nicotine dose in the vaporization liquid, until the nicotine is completely discarded. Sometimes the transition can happen in a couple of weeks, and someone else will need a couple of months or even a year, but it is still possible, and without additional stress.

How to Switch to Vape

It is known that the transition from a conventional cigarette to vape is possible. However, before you will run into the store for a vape, it is worth thoroughly preparing:

  • liquids with different contents of nicotine that will help to stop smoking and gradually reducing the dose of nicotine. Moreover, they allow to taste different flavours instead of bitter tobacco smoke
  • buy only devices from well-known and proven brands and suppliers
  • monitor the status of the battery of your device. Do not damage it and do not risk making batteries by yourself
  • be careful when changing the physical and chemical properties of the liquid for vaping because of the temperature difference during the winter period.

vaping helps people quit smokingThe main idea is not to forget to take care of your device, and soon you will forget that you need to buy another pack of cigarettes. Vaping is more fun also, mostly due to a wide range of flavours available, and because vapour is thicker than regular smoke.

In the case when a person uses vape as a mean to quit smoking, it acts as a substitute. It means that nicotine is nevertheless delivered to the human body through a vape. Compared to other alternatives, vape has a significant plus – it simulates the process of smoking, which is very important since the smoker, first of all, has a psychological dependence on smoking and the process itself plays an important role.