Celebrities and Vape

Celebrities and Vape

A lot has already been said about the potential health benefits that vaping can boast with when replacing smoking. Electronic devices have undergone all kinds of testing, the liquids composition has been studied in numerous researches. And the depth and variety of flavours represent an incredible choice for those who have decided to change their lifestyle by going vaping.

All this, obviously, also appeals to famous musicians, actors, fashion designers and other celebrities. Here there are some stories about the stars who smoke electronic cigarettes:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Once Leonardo was captured with an electronic cigarette while cycling. A multiple nominee for the Oscar award and winner (2016) could mislead all his fans, as if he was smoking an ordinary cigarette with tobacco. Nevertheless, Leo has repeatedly appeared in public with a vape, thus proving that he switched to the bright side of lifestyle.

Johnny Depp

Hollywood star Johnny was spotted with an electronic cigarette in The Tourist movie in incredible Venice, where his character demonstrates how the vape is actually arranged, and discusses its advantages over a cigarette with tobacco. Johnny Depp is actually a long-time dedicated smoker of ordinary cigarettes, but he also follows the world healthiest trends.

Charlie Sheen

Star of the series “Two and a half people” Charlie Sheen also uses electronic cigarettes as a substitute for conventional smoking. Moreover, he even has his own brand of electronic vaporizers named Nicosheen.

Stephen Dorff

The star of such movies as “The Expendables” and “Blade” says that he is tired of the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Stephen found an alternative – it’s electronic cigarettes Blu, and even participated in a pretty colorful commercial of miniature vapes. He believes in the benefits of electronic cigarettes and claims his fans could follow his example.

Lindsay Lohan

She is known for her incontinence, but one of the really bad girls of Hollywood has already switched to electronic cigarettes, and in 2011 she even talked about vaping in the American entertainment program. Now she does not even think about regular cigarettes since she understands the harm brought by smoking.

Katy Perry

Pop-diva Katy also wants to puff the clouds of steam in the breaks between her multiple responsibilities. She is very extravagant and open to everything new. There was much discussion about whether she had smoked cigarettes from the beginning, but we must admit that anyone who marries Russell Brand will be forced to quit smoking.

Kate Moss

It is said that Kate Moss once paid £ 2,000 to transport a certain brand of electronic cigarettes from London to Spain. It is also said that the model is very worried because aging is associated with the use of nicotine. Tabloids write just that each year she earns about £11 million, so she is definitely lucky to spend on vaping as much money as she wants.

Vaping is a stylish and quite healthy entertainment that gets more popular globally. It’s no doubt that starts and celebrities also find it very appealing. Moreover, they understand that tobacco can speed up aging which doesn’t contribute to their popularity at all.