Vape and Gymnasium: Controversy or Not?

Vape and Gymnasium: Controversy or Not?

Vaping is often associated with smoking, basically because the habits are similar in principle and look the same. In fact, vaping is also used as, and believed to be a way to quit smoking. Being a good alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping allows to keep the psychological habit, while consuming less nicotine, if any at all, and less resins.

Despite all these facts, vaping is often used to replace smoking and, therefore, is considered almost as harmful. Anyways, whatever anybody says, it is still believed that vaping is not compatible with gymnasium and healthy lifestyle overall.

The Myth on Vaping

The truth is that vaping is about three times less harmful than smoking, and therefore, if some people manage to go in for sports and smoke, it is even more adequate if those people go in for sports and vape instead.

From a scientific point of view, the liquid for vape is almost safe; its ingredients are used in food industry and are marked as safe for consumption. Vaping causes no cough and no breathing problems typical for regular smokers. Also, if the vape liquid contains no nicotine, the vapour has little effect on the cardiovascular system, not damaging the vessels. Therefore, vaping, from a technical point of view, does not prevent the body from active physical movement. Breath is not affected, cardiovascular system is not affected, and these are the main issues that smokers face when they want to go in for sports.

It must be said that in countries first that have accepted vaping as a trend, vaping has long been associated with healthy lifestyle due to its reduced harm caused to the body. Obviously, this is not literally healthy, because the vape liquid is still not a natural element to insert into the bodily systems. But, it is not more harmful than many processed foods that people buy in the shops, because the ingredients included into the vaping juice are used in food industry. Therefore, it can be said that eating processed food is also not compatible with gymnasium, which is not so.

As a conclusion, it can be admitted that vaping is not a thing healthy for the body, because this is an unnatural habit, and the liquid for vaping is not made of natural ingredients. On the other hand, vaping does not cause an obvious damaging effect on lungs and cardiovascular system, and the ingredients used for vape juice are used in food industry and are marked as safe. So, it can be said that overall, vaping is compatible with healthy lifestyle and gymnasium.