The Popularity of Vaping

The Popularity of Vaping

The issue of addiction is on the front burner not only for those who try to give up smoking, but also for those who prefer vaping just because they enjoy the process. In vaping, everyone likes one’s own: for someone, it is a fashionable toy, someone is trying to get rid of the cigarette dependence, for the others, it is a financial benefit. At the moment, every opinion has its place, as questions on harmfulness of vaping arise every day more and more, and the answers to them never appear.

Potential Danger of Vaping

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Currently, vape is a very general concept. There are dozens and dozens of varieties of models that have their own unique design features. However, in general, they have a similar principle of functioning:

Electricity is supplied to the spiral
Spiral, while heating, evaporates the liquid
The vaper receives steam for use.

Everything is not difficult and very simple at the first glance. However, the main danger can hide in a liquid for vape.

At the moment, there are serious arguments about the composition of liquids for vaping and they are particularly strict with respect to their potential harm to humans. The world health organizations at the moment do not give an unambiguous answer about propylene glycol and glycerin, which are the ingredients of the liquids.

These substances, in fact, are harmless and are used in medicine and the food industry. Questions arise about the long-term effects of these substances on the body. The second problem is the way in which these substances get into the body. If, for example, to eat or drink these substances is absolutely safe within the amount of substance in food or medicine, then how the body, in the long run, will perceive these ingredients if they are inhaled is still unclear.

Nicotine in Liquids

It is also important to remember that some of the vape liquids contain nicotine. Nicotine is a strong neurotoxin that affects neuromuscular synapses and nervous tissue. Taking nicotine, and in particular smoking or vaping it, leads to disruption in the work of almost all, without exception, body systems.

However, the worst characteristic of this substance is ability to cause addiction. It is this component of vaping that makes our body produce the hormone of pleasure, thanks to which the person wants to return to an elevated state of mind again, which means vaping again. In that way, it is possible to state that vaping is addictive and it is necessary to consider this fact before deciding to begin vaping. However, there is an option to use nicotine-free liquids for vaping. In this case, all harmful effects of nicotine are eliminated.