Is It Okay to Vape in Public Places

Is It Okay to Vape in Public Places

Today, vaping is a new trend. Many smokers choose vaping as a way to quit smoking cigarettes and to stop inhaling nicotine and resins that are actually the most harmful elements of tobacco. So, vaping is smoking in the sense that people make it a ritual, do it on a regular basis, often in public places, and that clouds of vapour can be annoying for people.

On the other hand, technically vape is not a tobacco product, and even if the liquid contains nicotine, this nicotine is almost absent in exhaled vapour. Those vapers who became part of the new subculture claim that this is not forbidden by the law and therefore allowed anywhere, since no fire hazard is created. On the other hand, people around in public places, and some vapers as well, wonder if it is really allowed, and whether vaping causes any harm similar to passive smoking.

Why You Can Vape

Man with an electronic cigarette in a public place.

As it has been already mentioned, the process of vaping does not create burning of tobacco and resins in it, therefore, vapour itself is three times safer than cigarette smoke. Exhales vapour is ever safer, as it has been filtered by the body already. Vape does not create smoke that is harmful for people around.

Vapour has neutral or even pleasant smell, does not make clothes, hair, hands, or room stink, does not leave yellow residue on walls if someone vapes in a room on a regular basis. Some states, indeed, officially ban vaping in public places like libraries, bureaus, etc, but in most cases, this is not forbidden.

Why You Can’t Vape

Basically, if there is no official claim that in this state, or in this particular place, it is forbidden to vape, no one can prevent you from vaping. However, despite the fact that there is no legal issue here, an ethical issue comes first. It is a rather unpleasant experience to be in the room full of gray clouds of vapour, which are sometimes so thick that it is impossible to the the other wall of the room.

Some people, although not even allergic, can be sensitive to smells in general, and the vapour, even with neutral flavour, leaves a certain synthetic smell. Some people simply get distracted by the clouds of vapour. It is the general right of the vaper to vape, of course, but other people have a general right to breathe fresh air simply, so if they cannot go out (for example, they are working here, in this room) or stand somewhere else not to smell the vapour, the vaper should not vape in the room.