Buying Eid Food or Cocktail Set Hamper?

Anything that has been prepared ahead of Hari Raya? Regardless of that, do not forget to buy a parcel widths to the nearest or those in need (If it wants to make the parcel Hari Raya own, please find inspiration way arrangement with follow us on instagram). Do not let the days never give alms, just before the victory even forget to share only with a parcel. Parcel widths food or cocktail can be taken into account. Btw, which is best? See below for details!

Cocktail Set HamperParcel, so one needs before Eid other than cake, new clothes, ketupat, and so forth. Hampers became a symbol of sharing the joy of Eid to relatives, neighbors, and relatives. There are many types of parcels that can be given, two of which parcel widths food and cocktail set. Of the two types of these parcels, which to be reckoned with? See below a few differences that can be easily which one is best!

Budget. Select the parcel widths food or cocktail set, actually depends on the budget. If qualified, there is no harm in giving parcel with stuffing cocktail set considering the price is relatively expensive. If a mediocre but want to keep sharing, parcel widths with the contents of the food could be given because of affordability depending on the brand, size, type, and quantity of food in it.

Receiver. Who will receive the parcel widths given? If it was just a friend or neighbor, more appropriate food parcels. At least the food could be a valuable aid for Eid. If family or clients, providing such parcel cocktail set reckoned with. At least parcels with stuffing cocktail set more polite than the food. Not distinguish, but is considering the propriety and necessity of the recipient.

Security. When viewed from the side of safety, parcel with the contents of the cocktail set is much more secure than the contents of the food parcels. Therefore, there is no expiration for items such as cocktail set. If the food is no deadline in which food can no longer be consumed. Generally, not a few traders who trade the contents of the parcel parcels expire in order to draw maximum benefit. If not careful, it could be parcel widths food that has expired elected. If it is so, the recipient will be affected and the giver will feel embarrassed.

Each parcel there is advantages and disadvantages. To be sure, when you want to buy a parcel of food sure to buy from a trusted provider, choose foods that are favored recipients, and do not forget to pay attention to the expiration date of the food. What cocktail parcels set? See condition, not to break. Parcel widths are not good will trigger negative thinking from the receiver. You as the giver will feel embarrassed.

Whatever type of parcels that you provide, hopefully recipient happy 😀

Tips on Buying Eid ul-Fitr Hamper

Yes, Eid ul-fitr will come in July 2015. Of course, my family and I will have fun on this special day. You need to know that Hari Raya is the right time to gather and forgive beloved ones. My family usually visits my neighbors and family members who live in another city while traveling. For this Eid ul-fitr this year, I want to give hamper for my family members. I hope that they will be happy. Do you plan to buy eid ul-Fitr hamper too? If you answer yes, but don’t know what you should do, it is better to follow the tips below:

Find the right store

At this moment, you can find many offline and online stores that offer hampers. Those hampers are sold with various sizes and prices. However, most of those stores provide low quality hampers. For instance, if their hamper contains chocolate, they choose unqualified chocolate. For this, you must look for some reliable stores and then find the right one. Make sure that store that you choose has many years of experience and good track record.

Check hamper’s contents

Each offered hamper has different contents. Some hampers contain chocolates, cookies and milk and some other just content fruits, like orange, apple, pineapple, grape, and so on. Because of this, check hamper’s contents before making a deal. Match contents with your needs. For example, if you want to give hampers for nephews, you should give hampers which contain milk and chocolate for their growth. Meanwhile, if you want to give hamper for grandma, grandpa, uncle, and aunt, you should give hampers which contain fruits. I plan to give hampers that contain fruits, cookies, and soft drinks for my beloved ones.

Match price with your own budget

There are many people who buying hampers without matching the prices with their own budget. This makes them deal with financial problem at last. The worst part is if those hampers are not qualified, they just waste much money. Of course, you definitely don’t want to face this problem, right? For this, match hamper’s price with your own budget. Just buy hampers with friendly and reasonable prices. What if you don’t have enough money to buy many hampers? It is better to make hampers yourself. This is not easy, but as long as you learn from experts via videos on internet, there is much possibility to do this.

Anyway, if you still get difficulty in finding the right hamper provider, you are highly recommended to visit blog FlowerAdvisor that also offers hamper for Christmas and Valentine Day. This online store also offers flowers, chocolates, wines, and other products. How about its price? It offers friendly prices and sensational discount codes so you can save some money and cut down expense.

LDR? Send Flowers to Love Through Online Flower Shop

Long-distance-loveToday, the internet connection has been made advancing human civilization. Now, everything can be bought or ordered online, without exception, a bouquet of flowers. This is certainly an option couples undergoing long-distance love affair to express love in the beloved. By utilizing online florist, feelings of love couples separate distance and time can be conveyed with the flower delivery. In fact, for those who have a sweetheart who study or work abroad can send her flowers. Even so, not all online flower shops are run by honest. Has a lot of people fooled by fake online florist circulating in cyberspace. Therefore, for you who want to send flowers to a sweetheart abroad, choose a reliable online florist with the following tips:

Noting domain

Fake online stores typically do not want to lose by using a paid domain name for its website. They will take advantage of a free domain as.blogspot,,, and so forth. However, if a domain on the online florist,, Id, etc then they can trust. Carefully check the domain contained on the website online florist, you can be protected from fraud.

Check the list of clients

On the website, there is usually a list of client names listed in testimony. Try checking one by one of the clients who have used the services of online florists. Typically, online stores have done overseas shipping has had clients famous people, whether it’s celebrities, officials, or other important figures. If you find that a familiar name, it indicates online florist can be trusted.

Finding out the payment system used

Online florist that has penetrated the international world, usually have a secure payment system. They serve requests without hesitation customers who want a COD payment system or joint account. However, if they refuse to accept payment COD or a joint account, you should be suspicious. The account number listed on the website were usually more than one type of bank to facilitate its customers.

View the catalog supplied

katalog Flower AdvisorAfter making sure that the online florists who visited was not a fraud, immediately open the catalog is provided for selecting the best bouquet for your sweetheart. Choose the type of interest that corresponds to your lover’s favorite shows your attention to it. In addition to viewing the flowers, you can calculate the price. In addition to the price of a bouquet of flowers, also taking into account the cost of postage by asking the customer service.

To be truly protected from fraudsters in cyberspace, you can visit the Flower Advisor as a reliable online florist. This is evidenced from the experience and partner Flower Advisor that have been scattered in various countries to make deliveries quickly. In fact, the interest will be up to the recipient on the same day as the time of booking.

After booking, do not forget to check the delivery by contacting your loved one overseas. When you have sent, you free from fraudsters so these tips are required to be shared. Like our facebook tp get tips and ideas.

Tips on Decorating Fresh Flower Bouquet to Loved One

More than just a medium to beautify, scent, and cool the room; flowers can also be used as a medium for the happiness of loved ones at a given moment. Decorate their own fresh flower bouquet so alternatives to choose if you want to be more efficient and not busy. However, if you are too busy or do not want to bother, Singapore flower delivery utilizing it never hurts to be considered.

Fresh Flower Bouquet

Whoever the person, when you consider that they are loved ones does not hesitate to bestow happiness to them. Rest assured that your happiness will give them memories of a lifetime. There are many things you can do to make your loved ones happy. One of them is by giving of fresh flower bouquet when a loved one’s birthday, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, or other special day. To further save costs, you can decorate their own fresh flower bouquet. Here are some tips that you can apply:

Choosing a favorite flower recipients

For the first time, you must prepare the flowers that will be used. Wherever you are going to buy flowers from the garden either directly or from a florist, you should select either the recipient’s favorite flower roses, jasmine, lily, sun, orchids, and dahlias. When someone receives something that is a favorite, a sense of happiness that no measure will definitely be felt. Not to forget the color of flowers was adapted to the recipient’s favorite color. If the recipient liked the two colors, you can combine a color different types of flowers in a single bouquet. Please join Twitter account to get a guide in a bouquet of flowers collaborate to loved ones.

Utilizing filler flower

In decorating fresh flower bouquet, do not forget to add a filler flower. As the name implies, these flowers are destined to make a fresh flower bouquet fuller. Because, filler flower itself generally has a lot of growing interest in every branch and with long stems. It is suitable if the interest that will be given only a few stalks alone. Although only as a filler, filler flower also has a color which varies according to the type there are yellow, white, purple, yellow, red, pink, and much more. Furthermore, the following types of filler flower: boronia, ciliatum, delphinium, golden casade, and others.

Once everything is done can enhance the appearance of fresh flower bouquet with wrapping paper. Do not forget to give the tape in order to look more charming fresh flower bouquet. Just a suggestion, you can add leather leaf fresh leaf around the flower. Especially of interest that you have taken the leaves, the leaves become his successor so that increasingly looks interesting. If large the leaf leather leaves, you can put it on the back only. If fresh flowers around the small can.

Is Gardening for Everyone?

BerkebunGardening into activities that have many health benefits, including eliminating stress, refresh your body and strengthen the body. Plus more enjoyment from eating the crop itself, in addition to healthy also can save money shopping. Title above question whether everyone can do this activity at home? Of course the answer is yes, as long as they are able to meet the requirements below:

The availability of land

Have enough land to be foremost a must-have for gardening. Moreover, when choosing to plant a fruit tree, a person must have the land is spacious enough to accommodate a large tree body weight. However, there is now a perfect solution to overcome the limitations of the land, namely hydroponic growing methods. Hydroponics is a way of farming that does not use soil media, but water. After seeding by using a cotton or foam, plant buds placed in the media that have been drained water pipe. By doing so, the absence of vacant land behind or in front of the house, someone could gardening (can be placed on the roof of the house or on the porch). In addition to hydroponic vertical garden becomes more accurate solution to overcome the lack of land availability.

Capital purchase quality crop seeds

bibit tanamanIn addition to providing a planting medium, one must have the capital to plant seeds menyuplay the best. Need to be reminded, the capital here is not always in the form of money(to buy seeds). To obtain quality seeds, one must have a relationship horticulturist who will provide the seedlings free of charge. In addition to the maximum care, growth and development of plants is also determined from the seedlings. When the bad seed, the crop would not be satisfactory.

Basic science good gardening

There are some people who are able to master the basic knowledge of gardening autodidact (learning from nature). These people have a special talent in plant breeding inflate properly without a high quality fertilizer. They were able to maintain the fertility of the soil, choosing appropriate plants in the climate of the area where he lives, and prevention of pests. In addition, they are also familiar with the characteristics of each plant that yields maximum harvest.

Time efficient to care for the garden

To successfully produce vegetables or fresh vegetables, plants need special attention in order to avoid disturbing the plant pests. To that end, in caring for the plants in the garden, one must be willing to take the time. Planters are required to have an efficient time to monitor the state of her garden after planting process begins. With a focus gardening, someday these activities can make money by making large prospective business opportunities.

In addition, they are gardening should have high environmental love. By doing so, they will think twice to use excessive chemicals to fertilize the plants because it will only pollute the environment. In this case, the authors strongly suggest to the reader to try hydroponic growing methods. That’s because water planting medium does not invite pests so no need to spray pesticides. By doing so, yields obtained is not contaminated so it is safe to take the family. May be useful for people who want to have a small garden at home. :)

Some of Flowers I’ve Been Planting for Years


Once love me with the fragrance and beauty of form at the same flower color, I decided to flower gardening. Besides can freely pick flowers to decorate the living room, room, family room, kitchen, even my desk, I take advantage of the flowers that have been grown for sale. Not bad for extra income, hehehe. In recent years, various types of flowers had me planting and care, including the following:


Someone will feel special when given a bouquet of lilies. The house will be more luxurious look when several stems of lilies neatly arranged in glass pots. Not because of the shape of the lilies themselves very nicely. This interest became one of my garden collections. Besides I also like it very much, the sale value per stem of lilies are also quite promising. However, it took special care for these flowers. One-one, the seeds have been planted lilies that cannot be harvested.

Orchid flower

Besides lilies, orchids are also one of the flowers are much sought after, especially by lovers of ornamental plants and the price is relatively expensive. Orchid flower care for me is relatively complicated. Ranging from air humidity, watering, fertilizing, until the light intensity is calculated. One of doing calculations, not only difficult to develop but also orchids will wither.


Not only smelled the fragrant, but also the appearance of the rose itself is very pretty. The meaning behind a variety of colors also adds to the charm of roses. Especially on Valentine’s Day, especially red roses sold remember symbolizes love and affection full. This condition makes me interested in making roses as one of my little garden collection.


As the name implies, sunflowers make my little garden looks stunning. Interested me quite easy to grow plant. Given sunflower will thrive in hot temperatures; I do not give a roof as a shade. Despite the easy life, still planting medium for sunflower should be fertile (containing nutrients good, loose, etc.) so as to make the growth of sunflower nice.

Hopefully this can be an inspiration for all of you. More than just save money to decorate the house with flowers and earn income from their harvest, flower gardening can make a house into a cool (when utilizing the yard into the garden), relieving stress upon opening the door/window, minimize air pollution, and being simple steps to prevent heating global.

Just keep in mind, there are several important aspects of flower gardening. First, growing media, try to at least choose a planting medium loose and blackish brown. If not possible, think for hydroponic gardening that uses water as a growing medium. Secondly, watering, watering regularly do to stabilize the heat that can trigger withered flowers. Third, fertilization, whatever the chosen type of fertilizer is organic or inorganic try not to forget to give it. Finally, pruning, to avoid disease withered flower parts, black spot, yellow or other must be trimmed.


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Advantages of Gardening

gardeningPlay online games and post photos, videos, or what you’ve just experienced in the social media accounts into two activities are often carried out by most people later to fill his spare time. This condition cannot be denied is influenced by the times are accompanied with rapid technological developments. It is legitimate to do two of these activities, but if you can fill your free time with activities that are more profitable, why not? Gardening, activities that can be done anytime, by anyone, and offers a million benefits for the culprit even in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the following advantages gardening:

Saving expenditure

Ranging from fruits, vegetables, until the medicinal plants, all of them can be grown easily. Moreover land to be used as a planting medium has the following criteria: friable, blackish brown color, and had adequate water supply. When fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants have to thrive, no longer need to spend money to buy fruit as a dessert, eat vegetables as a side dish of rice complement, and drugs to treat certain diseases. Will be more efficient spending, is not it? At least, the budget to buy fruit, vegetables, or drugs can be diverted for postal savings or reserve fund even though few in number.

Add income

Increasing fuel prices shot will affect the high price of basic necessities. This condition requires everyone rack my brain to find a solution so that basic needs can be met in the middle of a mediocre salary. To deal with this situation, gardening into a solution to be reckoned with. The advantages obtained after the sale of the crop could be an additional income. Can work anytime and there is no pressure from anyone to generate extra income, why not? Palm oil, coffee, tea, and rubber should be planted considering selling power is quite promising.

Remove stress

Try to imagine when new out of the house already presented by the green scenery of vegetables or colors of various types of flowers! Fatigue or stress due to the activity which is so dense, financial condition did not improve, or descendants that never can be forgotten for a moment obtained. To think for a moment to feel relaxed and calm look so stunning natural scenery. That is why utilizing the home page as a vegetable garden or flower to be reckoned with. Narrow home page? Hydroponic gardening, gardening by using water as a growing medium instead of soil. It could also take advantage of bottles to be hung on the wall.

Reduce pollution and noise

The house is located on the edge of the highway is generally the most widely sought after, though sometimes offer relatively expensive. No other because it will be very profitable if you are running a business, it is easy to enter private vehicles, and has a high selling value becomes the reason. Nevertheless, the houses on the street also have weaknesses that are vulnerable to pollution and noise. To overcome this, take advantage of the home page as a garden be the best solution. Lily or longan trees can be planted to reduce pollution. Rose climber who goes in the wall can be planted to ward noisy.